Street Department

Roger Perry - Street Superintendent

The Ladoga Street Department is responsible for a wide range of services for the Town residents and merchants as follows:


Town employees are used during the winter months to remove snow from streets to avoid the need to hire outside contractors. Presently, the Town has the ability to equip two town trucks with plows, has access to one fire truck with a plow, and has use of a backhoe. Streets are kept cleared and spot salted when needed.


The Street Department is responsible for all lawn and landscape maintenance in the Town Park and other roadside areas located throughout the town. They also routinely prune trees located on street and alley right of ways and under power lines.


Each year streets within the Town are assessed for needed repairs or paving. The Town workers provide a list of repairs to the Town council for approval. This list is reviewed and depending on the amount of funding available, repairs are completed by an independent contractor.


During the summer months of each year, curbs, streets, and water hydrants are painted. The Water, Street, and Sewer Departments work together to reduce the expense of hiring outside contractors to clean and maintain storm sewers, water mains, and sewer lines. Please report any missing street signs, malfunctioning street lights, or vandalism to the Town Hall. 765-942-2531