Wastewater Department

The Town of Ladoga’s Wastewater Plant is a trickle filter plant using microorganisms, which uses oxygen to break the organic material in the wastewater down to carbon dioxide and water.  The water being discharged from the plant is clean and is discharged into the Little Raccoon Creek.  Water being discharged must meet the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) discharge permit.  Discharged water limits are based on strict regulations from the Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). The plant consists of two trickle filters, primary and secondary clarifiers, settling tanks and a disinfection area.  Chlorine and sulfur dioxide is used to disinfect the water before it is discharged.  The solids handling area is where the solids are digested and then hauled away by independent contractors.  An on site laboratory tests all aspects of the plant for quality assurance and must follow state regulations. 

Ladoga’s treatment plant employs one full time employee, Donald Long.  He is responsible for the operation of the plant and its infrastructure.  The collection system includes over 4.5 miles of separate and combined sanitary sewers and at the present time has approximately 438 customers with a flow of 250,000 gallons per day.


Schedule of Sewer Rates and Charges (Ordinance 2-2008)

 Residential - Single Family Dwelling 

 $39.00 + usage
 Residential - Multiple Family Dwelling-per unit  $39.00 + usage
 Residential - Trailer Court-per unit  $39.00 + usage


 Water Usage, Gallons Per Month       

 Additional Sewer Usage Charge
 0-3,999  + $0.00 per thousand or fraction thereof
 4,000-7,999  + $1.00 per thousand or fraction thereof
 8,000+  + $0.50 per thousand or fraction thereof


All Others including Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional:

5/8 inch water meter  


1 inch water meter


1-1/2 inch water meter


2 inch water meter


3 inch water meter


4 inch water meter


plus a monthly treatment charge of $3.35 per 1,000 gallons

In no event shall the monthly rate be less than $39.00

The Town may evaluate the discharge of industrial users and shall have the right to modify rate(s) as it deems appropriate given actual discharges and demand upon the municipal sewerage works created by those users. 

Excessive Strength Industrial Surcharges:

  1.  Rate Surcharge Based Upon Suspended Solids: There shall be an additional charge of $0.20 per pound for suspended solids discharged into the sewerage works in excess of 240 milligrams per liter of fluid.
  2. Rate Surcharge Based Upon TBOD:  There shall be an additional charge of $0.20 per pound when the total biochemical oxygen demand (TBOD) discharged into the sewerage works is in excess of 210 milligrams per liter of fluid.
  3. Rate Surcharge Based Upon Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3N). There shall be an additional charge of $0.20 per pound of ammonia nitrogen discharged into the sewerage works is in excess of 20 milligrams per liter of fluid.

Connection fee:  $1,500.00 plus actual costs




            Be it hereby established and ordained by the Town Council of Ladoga, Indiana, that:

 Section A.  The Appendix to Chapter 14 of the Ladoga Town Code, the Municipal Sewerage Utility Tariff, is hereby amended by adding the following provision:


            Leaks and Swimming Pools.  If a customer provides evidence satisfactory to the Utility that that customer:

(a) has water leak that has increased that customer’s metered water use without discharging into the municipal sewerage works, or

(b) has filled a swimming pool without discharging into the municipal sewerage works, then

that customer’s sewer bill for the month in question shall instead be the average of that customer’s three (3) sewer bills for the preceding December, January, and February.

Section B.  The foregoing amendment of this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect as of May 1, 2008, it being the intent of the Council that the averaging process established by this Ordinance be applied throughout the summer of 2008.

Section C.  All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed concurrent with the effective date set forth in this Ordinance.


The Ladoga Wastewater Plant was installed in 1939 with a major update done in 1995.  The Town received a federal grant for $500,000 from the Department of Commerce in 2000.  This grant was used to replace and re-line sewer mains throughout the Town. The town issued a bond ordinance through the State Revolving Fund for $253,000 and received an ARRA grant for $256,000 and an OCRA grant for $500,000 to fund a slip-lining project in 2009.